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Not a very original title, BUT one we hear all day long.

How are you dealing with it?

I live very rural, more critters then there are people. The drive to my place from the road is 1/4 mile! The closest little town, more then 5 miles away, on roads more pot holed then paved!!

BUT, I went to the next little hamlet, for a routine blood test yesterday, and learned that even in this rural area, it has snuck in - that a person here, has tested positive! Obviously, they got it elsewhere. BUT, it is here, and now - how many will be affected?

I am not afraid of getting it. I am a firm believer, that once you are conceived, your death date is also determined. If you are meant to die, you will. As well, if I do get it, I think I have a good chance of fighting it, and with luck, if you do get it once, again, with luck - you may never get it again! BUT, research is still out on that.

Oddly, until yesterday, the lock-down, brought sunny dry weather here. Which allowed us, to be out, in the fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun. The animals basked in it(as did I) - and the trees are all in leaf, and the flowers of late spring early summer are already in bloom.

It is lonely. My neighbors are in the 80's. When this first started, and they wanted people over 70 to self-isolate for 12 weeks, they laughed. NOW, the male is really terrified of getting it, when you see him, he starts shouting six feet, six feet. Until yesterday, I had been here, in my little house, with no visitors, and not leaving the property - so, where he thinks I may have got the virus from, I haven't figured out. BUT, he is in his 80's and they are more likely to have complications, or die.

When HIV came about, I was on my first or second year of being a paramedic. It was amazing, how many male paramedics, dropped out, many becoming truckers. They were terrified of getting HIV. I mean, no one wanted to get it! BUT, people still needed paramedics and EMT techs - and I kept at it for more than 20 years! I loved the job.

Like HIV, Covid-19, will take time to come to terms with, to deal with. Transmission is very different between the two, so HIV was easier to contain. Today's transport, anywhere in the world, makes this a world traveler. Because of such easy access from one country to another - the virus is easily spread. The entire world would need to come to a complete stop, to contain this virus, and that is never going to happen.

As this is a 'Senior Match' dating website, we are in the age range, where it is dangerous to get it. So, we do need to keep a safe distance from others, which makes dating difficult. How are you dealing with finding the love of your life, with the lock-down, self-isolation???