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Be cautious!!!

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Mannnnnnnny scammers here,many......

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And the best is, that both have disappeared from the site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's says it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I found the second fake man on here. He was emailing me and it was so strange, he didn't answer on my questions. It took long for him to answer me and then I've got exactely a copy of what he said in his profile. I said: what's going on?? you send me the copies of your profile comments ! He: yes, so you know me better.

??????????????????? I guess it's or a computer or a man who sends to everbody the same. He had so much hobbies, omg, I can't say how much. I have asked him if he still has time for a woman in his life. I never got an answer.

I am very very disappointed. I'm feeling lonely and thought this could be a way to find someone to share my life with, but all I got on here are fake-men.

And, in my profile it says that I just want to meet a man between 65-75 from USA and what do I get? Men from Asia, Italy, so much younger than me. I am not interested on them !!!!!!!

Well, I took my consequences now and have stopped my membership on seniormatch. It's paid till April 3rd. And then I am out here.

Soooooooooooooooooooo sad, that people are benefitting from the loneliness from other people.

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I agree, a lot of scammers on here, I am only for a few days on this dating-site, but met already one. He was asking me to give him my whatsapp. So I did. We was chatting a little. Well, I had his phone number too now. So I've checked it on internet and see what I found out: He is on different dating-line, always with another id-name. As I have told him that I have read the reviews from seniormatch he disappeared from here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it shows me that he was a scammer !!!!!!!!

It's very sad to play with other people's feelings. I am here because I want to meet someone serious for a serious relationship and not waste my time with scammers. I will NEVER send someone money or whatever !!!!! So, to all the scammers on here--------don't write me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Both genders, for sure!