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Truth or Dare

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So, come on now - how many remember playing this game?  I really was confused by this game - how did anyone know for sure, if you had told the truth?


Well, boys and girls - this dating site is like 'truth or dare' - If you dare to communicate with someone - best tell the truth or have an exceptional memory - to keep all the lies straight!!


What do I mean?  Let's say you like the looks of someone on here, BUT read about them, their profile - and you have nothing in common - nothing at all.  You have an attraction for - physically.  So, you either fudge your profile to sync with the other person, or you communicate with them - write things you think they want to know or how they feel.    How long before you slip up?  How long is it before you can no longer tell your lies from your truths?  How long before you forget, what you have said, and say or do the complete opposite?  Yikes!  


You need scorecards.  Let's compound it further - you are attracted to more than one person, and you communicate with a number of people.  Now, you need scorecards, to determine who you have told what; and egads, you are actually chatting on phone or by video - and you slip, and call that person by a name not their own!!


I know, this happens only to others, would / could never happen to you.  Could it?



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I'll agree. However ..  people do change when they spend the time together ..  you do learn from each other , and may find theres more in common than starting out.