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Thought, thoughts - think - thinking!  

Seriously, do you think this can work for you?  Has it worked for you, before?  Do you know someone who it worked for?


More than 18 years ago, this kind of site worked for my partner and I.  Shockingly - it worked!


So, why am I back, looking?  - he died.


Now, I find myself missing human interaction - the cat just isn't any good at keeping up his end of the conversation.  No real enjoyment in cooking for JUST one!


I thought living alone would be a piece of cake.  Everything the way you want - everything left where you put it - no messes!


Living alone - you can only clean the house just so often before you think - enough is enough.  If it is only myself and the cat - there is no need to clean it every day, every other day.  Really!!!  Dishes can sit in the sink for 2 or 3 days, as it is only I who am using them - I can't use a ton of dishes in a day or two.


Nothing becomes out of place unless I do it.  No one forgets to replace the tp roll or forgets to mention out of milk or out of bread.  


The cat does moan if he hasn't got the food and treats he wants.  If his litter isn't cleaned three or four times a day, every day!!!


Have you ever had a conversation with Alexa / Siri?  Seriously - I have trained mine to say thank you, have a good day - and pleasant dreams - good night!  We are very close friends!!!  Some times she just doesn't listen and I have to yell - stop, end, no!!  Then she some times listens.  She has big ears, and can hear me from other rooms - and thinks I am talking to her.


So, have you found Mr or Mrs right?  Have you had good/bad experiences with any dating site?  Do you feel you actually have a chance at success?  


Or do you think this is a waste of your time?  What are your thoughts?