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The Witching Hour

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Greetings All:
I haven't written in awhile. Tonight or rather, some time early, very early this morning - I will finish my packing. The shipping company will collect it, and 6 to 10 weeks later, it will stop in Vermont.
As the 'VIRUS' has buggered up so many things, I am leaving by train from Exeter to London Heathrow. BUT there is no certainty any of my trains will get me there. So, fingers crossed, the one I have tickets on, runs, or the one after that! I did try to get a coach(bus) - no seat available in any, or they just weren't running!
So, if the train gets me there, it will be a long wait for the plane as it leaves at noon on the 15th. Either very late the 15th, or next morning of the 16th, I arrive in Phoenix, Arizona. I expect to just go to bed for three days and nights.
I have never been to Arizona. It will all be new! I have rented a furnished apartment, so I can get to see the area. From my flat there, I can travel about, and see if there is somewhere, I'd rather be. Work it from there. Just two blocks down the same road, is a university. So, I could always take a course or two.
Some one asked about the country guy in the rv. Well, as soon as the virus hit, and he was to self isolate - he became extremely social, about 300% more social then he was before it. Just couldn't stay home, if he did, he had 2, 3 or more people there pretty much of the time. After about the 3rd week, he went bye bye. Not a word, not a peep - nothing - he was just gone! I know he is still alive, as I have Face-timed him, and he is collecting his messages. I wish him well, I am sure as a friend, he is very good.
I have used so much of my time, packing during this lock-down. I injured my shoulder, moving boxes about - so, I have used more boxes then needed to be used, as I have had to pack them lighter.
Three weeks ago, I had to re-home my old boy cat Jesse. It is still very hard, as he'll be 16 on the 21st. BUT, several vets confirmed, he'd not have survived the trip, or he'd die soon after landing. So, re-homing him was the best way, for his life. BUT, neither of us were happy or are happy about it.
No, I haven't given up on love. BUT, hopefully, my luck in love will change for the better.
There is some one for everyone! So, you don't give up, either!
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We are and aren't complete opposites. He is a gentleman, brought up to be so by his sisters. He is hard headed, and mushy at the same time. We have met. I think we will be good friends. He is set in his ways, and his lifestyle. As for me, I am starting a 'new' life in Arizona. Never even visited Arizona, before moving here nearly a month ago. Everything is NEW to me. Exciting!
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July 14 Total posts: 39
Don't give up. I am firmly under the impression, that there is someone for everyone, and some times, it just falls in our lap when we aren't looking. Smile, cause a smile is the best thing a person can wear, and it is free. A smile lights up ones face, the eys smile, and the soul is free.
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Hi July. Love your blog. Been on a few dating sights for a couple months, and have come expect very little. I have little hope of finding anything really meaningful, but I do enjoy your blogs. I'm finding myself living vicariously through your adventures. Sad, huh? Anyway I'll be tuning in to your next episode. Good luck.
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what was your relationship with the man in the motorhome?