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So, how is this going, for you?

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Hello All! Hope you are doing well at this time.

I am actually arranging to move back to the US. It is no easy chore, when you do it alone!

Have re-newed my passport, should have it inside of a month. Then, sorting through things to ship back, house is a disaster zone. Bits and bobs all over the place. I am looking for a storage unit in the US, and then can arrange my shipment. Phew, when my shipment has gone on, then I can get this house in order. My furniture is going to friends in Wales, any thing else they may want - is theirs - the rest to charity. Not sure when I fly out, June, or September.

I have my own feral cat, more then 15 years, and a young stray. Trying to trap the stray to re-home him / her. Been trying since last Thursday - he is quite bright I guess. No luck yet! As for my old feral guy, Jesse. Because he is feral is is cared of his shadow, mine - yours, noise - quick movements - everything. So, Jesse would not survive the travel to the states the vet said. So, Jesse will go to Cat Charity in about a week, to be re-homed. That will break my heart. Not much of a choice, kill him with a trip back to the states, or leaving him to be loved by some one else. No choice! He will be as upset and as crushed as I will be. Joy!

Phew, once cats have gone, then I can get tucked in. Jesse associates boxes with a move. In the last three years, we have moved three times. So, even a small tiny box, and he is freaking out.

I have a grand daughter, with an illness, that in the last five years has seen her go from walking, stumbling, braces and a wheel chair. Who's life may be cut short quite young. I have not even met her, as have been in the UK. I have a sister with stage 4 liver cancer, who has exceeded the sell by date the doctors had given her. Things are ok with her, BUT you never know - do you?

I have not lived in the states since 1975. Wow, that sounds like forever! I have lived foreignly, and I may no longer slot into life in the US. Sort of really scary!

I decided the middle of January, I was coming back, the sooner the better. Then, as soon as I had, I was devastated by a health crisis. Trying to deal with the illness and getting things up and running for this move - has been a huge challenge.

Each day brings me closer. I am scared, terrified, excited - and if it were tomorrow, I'd be over the moon.

Once I land, will visit family and friends. People I haven't seen in many years.

Then, I need to decide where to live. After being in the UK for 19 years, I am thinking warm and DRY!!!! BUT, if I were to meet up with my life partner, then the game changes. Damn, I sure hope I meet him!

Sunshine dreaming! I close my eyes, and I see the sunshine, feel it's warmth. I smile from ear to ear.

If this move doesn't kill me, I shall live forever.