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Online Profile Dating Posts

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Male or female - always include a photo of yourself - BUT even if you look like crap - still better then no photo or a shot of your head, or a blurred photo. 


Remember - as humans, we are pretty visual.  In real life, you'd speak to some one you either found interesting, attractive or a combination of the two.


Now, I am only able to speak as a female:  but, in phone or video chats, any one saying to me - 'honey', 'darlin' or 'sweetie' - makes me cringe.


As well, I am very flattered if some one does find me attractive, say so, now and again, BUT, on video chat - please do not devour or drool.    Do not get me wrong -  as a partner, it would be great, if you told me regularly, BUT when you are actually just talking / chatting for the first few times - keep it to a minimum.


Ooops, mass exodus, to bring up my profile and see if I need a paper bag on my head.  I don't - unless perhaps, I haven't combed out my hair after sleeping - then it might be a tad scary.


As visual people, we do look at smiles, eyes - even body build.  That is being human.  BUT, as we age, the beauty we had diminishes, and it leaves us with our lovely souls and the inner essence of who we are.


Never apologize for who you are, what you think - what you do.  These are things which have formed you.


We all have things from our past - things both good and bad.  Speak of them if asked, then leave them there.  It is to the future you wish to step forward into.


It is very wrong of any of us - to find some one we like - BUT think we can mold them to think or feel as we do.  Changing or trying to change a person, is destroying what you fell in love with.


What do I mean by that?  If politics is a main center in your life.  It is not in mine - then there could be a conflict.  A deal breaker for many.  If you are pro life and they aren't!  Even if you form a relationship down the line - and marriage is thrown on the table - is your partner having and using your last name really important to you?  If you think and feel one way, and the person you have been attracted to doesn't - will you try to change or alter how they think or feel?  Will you try to change them, to align with you?


No person will be a perfect fit - none!  There will always be differences - some big, some small.  No two people are alike in who they are, what they think or what they feel.  If they were, this would be a scary, freaky and boring world.


Honesty here people.  You need to be honest with yourself.  Once you can accept your own truths, ask of truths from others.


*Never make assumptions, as they make an ass of you and me!


Happy and safe hunting.