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Senior Blogs > JulysChild's blogs > OK, let's get real - SM is a large shop full of merchandise!

OK, let's get real - SM is a large shop full of merchandise!

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We are the merchandise in the SM shop.  In a regular shop, you pass by the dented or damaged items, the out of date or poorly packaged, in your pursuit of something better.


I am a photographer.  In my photos, you are able to see me clearly.  Able to see that I look pretty much the same in every shot.


I am in this shop, and by looking at my profile and picture, you can see and know about the product on the shelf, me.


BUT many products on the shelves, are so dark, you can't tell if it is a coconut or a radish - no way of knowing.  Oh, wait,  tops of the product, hair shot of the product; as well as no profile, just the want list!


You are selling yourself here.  Show the real you.  If you are unable to take a selfie of yourself, ask someone else to.    There is no law saying you need 15000 words in your profile, something precise and direct.


If you want to meet this person of your dreams, tell them about you, what you expect, and what you are looking for.


If you have been scammed, conned - not all in SM are scammers or con-artists - so keep it friendly.


Best of luck.