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My Thoughts

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It has been awhile since I have blogged.  First of all, I would like to say, I have met many lovely people on here, both men and women.  I would also like to wish everyone the best in finding that special some one.


For many years, our options to seek out the other half, were very limited, friends, family, people you worked with, some one from the health club, would try to hook you up with this person or that.  Hit and miss...but, limited to social circle, n a certain distance around where you lived.


The internet, has added a new dimension to dating.  The internet gives you a world of possibilities, sadly, it also brings out trolls, people intent on less honorable things then finding  love.  Which gives online dating a scary side. An element of suspense, intrigue.


Many people want to talk, face to face or video chat, almost immediately.  I can understand this, I really can.  Until you hear their voice, see them in video, you haven’t a clue to whom you are communicating with!


Being a single women, living alone, and very rural at that, I am very cautious about giving out my number, address, as I don’t want troll calls, and, I don’t want to feel I need to change my phone number.


I need to learn more about the person, who wishes to call me.  Security, safety are very important to me, ad I am sure others here, as well.


So, yes, you do need to speak, even video chat, before too much time is invested in this new friendship, BUT also, you need to understand why some are hesitant about giving their information out.