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Just a thought...

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Greetings on this soggy wet day!  Sitting here enjoying my first cup of the day!  Sort of a mellow morning.


Just a thought, BUT all of the profiles where the profile owner was last on SM a month or more ago, have they found their true love / walked away or even died???  There should be a way, to search for active profiles only, shouldn't there?


If you have found your one true love, why are you searching on here still?    BUT, if you are just a blog reader, then - tell us about your perfect match.  If you have only walked away - does that mean you are no longer looking?  Or bored?  If either case - you do know, you can delete your account?


My month is nearly gone.  I am trying to determine if I should stay on, or not.  BUT, no matter what I do decide if I leave, I shall delete my profile.


It would be nice to hear of fairy tales that do come true!