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Honest, respect, truth and complete devoted love

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I have had many people, men ask me what I want - then they tell me what they want.  Truth, honest, respect, loyal - devoted to them as they are to you.  Oh yes, god fearing.


I figure this will save me time and energy - and perhaps prevent hurt and disappointment.


As I have written in my profile, I am pagan.  Being pagan is more a life style then a religion.  I respect and protect the earth, and wish health and happiness to nearly all...except trump and his lot!!


Yes, true - I do not discus politics, as I have very low regard for the politics in the US.  I am appalled by trump, and others like him.  There, politics covered, done with.


As for 'god fearing'.  One should not fear god - they should be loved and encouraged by god, and they should respect and love him for his love and encouragement.


I was born Irish Roman Catholic.  I was taught by Nuns from Ireland, wearing traditional habits.  The best education without exception!  I was able to read the bible in Latin, speak Latin - loved the mass in Latin.  


My family is of a 'CELTIC' rich background - County Cork Ireland, and Aberdeen Scotland.  My Mum's Mum, her Mum and her Mum before her - many generations, were 'wise women'.   These women were persecuted all over Europe, then even the states.  Wytch, meaning Wise!  I am a wytch.  I have been since I was 16.


I lived in unison with Catholic teachings.  I changed, when my 15 year old sister was murdered.  I think I could have lived a life time, with Catholic doctrine in the foreground, and my Pagan-ness, in the shadows - until then.  All through religious teachings - do this or god will smite you down; and then also god loves all. BUT, my sister was not a criminal, against man or church.  How is this god's love!  To add to this, my 11 year old nephew, dead from an inoperable brain tumor.  Too many tragedies within a single family, and then I left my Catholic teachings, and turned to my maternal line of 'wise women'.  


I am not ashamed of who I am, nor for what I think or feel.  I embrace helping others, volunteering for man and animal.  I have respect for others, and wish them well.


I fact, I wish for every man and woman on this site to find their soul mate.  To live in love and happiness, and to provide the support emotionally and physically that the each need.


Every one has a reason for who they are, how they feel and for what they think.  We may not agree - BUT respect their feelings, their thoughts.


I know, I am a good person, now and always.


Live and let live:  my friends are of many ages, and sexual preferences.    It is the person which is important.