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Getting Back On The Horse!

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Greetings: Been two months and four days since I posted here. Believe it or not - 96 or 97 days with NO rain at all, and at least 95 of those days over 100F!!! Humidity? Under 20%.
I moved here(Phoenix, Arizona) the 15th of June. I have actually met two people here. Nice people, BUT wanting different things then I do.
I have decided, to get back in the game, get back on the horse - to again PUT effort into finding the person, who will be part of my future, and walk down the road of life with me - hand in hand.
I have also met the RV guy, the guy who ghosted me when Covid 19 arrived! He is a nice person. He means well, BUT really he isn't ready to commit to anything, and he has this unappreciated way, of popping up , and then ghosting for weeks on end. Yes, he does live in an RV - BUT damn, his RV could fit in my small apartment at least six times, if not more! His stable has more room in it. There are few windows, so it is more like a cosy cave. He is happy. He likes his lifestyle, and is not willing to change.
So, moving on...
A week ago, I decided, damn - better to be alone, then play the Covid 19 dating game. What is this craziness?
BUT, up for a challenge, and so am gong to climb back up on the hrse - and see if there is a chance in hell, of meeting the one with whom I walk the road of life with!