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Fool Me Once, Shame On You ~ Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

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Darn, nearly the end of the month, nearly the end of the year!  Whare has 2019 gone?


Okay, hands up anyone who has their hopes and dreams dashed by a scammer?  Come on, I can't be the only one!!!


Almost 'shame on me'..almost!  Who are we messaging/chatting email with???  It could be your neighbor, the creepy guy in the mall, a bunch of bored college kids!!!  Unless you are able to video chat, talk on the phone or meet up - one never really knows, do they?  In fact, yes the person in the video chat, looks like the person in the photos, BUT is that person who they say they are??


There are a few things you can do: 1) check out their social media footprint(if they have fewer then 100 friends on FaceBook, and only the photos which you have seen, nothing more...not good), 2) google them(or any other search engine) - if they are who they say, you will find them, 3) use a photo search engine, Google can search a photo as can a web site called 'Tin Eye'.


Ask questions, more than once, BUT in a way, that it sounds different.  If all is above board, then you will get the same answer.  If they are from somewhere, and to confirm it - look the location up - and then ask questions about that place.


An old adage:  Me thinks he doth protest too much.  If you ask for an assurance of who they claim to be, and then they start spewing:  don't you trust me / I am sad you think I am a scammer, etc...  Amber light, maybe turning red!!!


Something else to consider.  If after only say 3 - 7 days, they proclaim their undying love for you - without speaking to you, without video chatting or even meeting up - Whoa, back it up!  I may find someone, really attractive, sexy, hot even - BUT lust isn't love!


I am not a skeptic.  I had an 18-year relationship, with a person with whom I found on an online dating site.  Not everyone is out to abuse or scam you...not everyone.


So, be optimistic, find the one love you have always been looking for _ but if the hairs on the back of your neck stand up - ask why.


Happy hunting!

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1st time out there on silver singles..tried to get a credit card.  Said he was in Peru and couldn't get home.   No 


Facebook...he even sent card.  Be careful.  To funny.  If he had gotten my account number he would have been really disappointed.