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Don't cry over spilled milk

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The title sort of isn't precise - BUT, a favorite saying of my Mums.


Today, I shall write about - online dating from the female point of view.


First of all ~ I have taken the time to write a profile, so YOU could see more than a form, 2)~  I do not know you, so to contact me without any prior communication, calling me beautiful lady, or my lovely or any such term of endearment, set my teeth in a clenched mode.  3) what are these photos of the top of your head, or the top of your head with sunglasses???


This is Senior dating, none of us look like we did at 17! 


I took the time to write a profile.  I was very honest in what I wrote ~ hell, if you lie, you have to remember the lies...I have better things to do.  Why leave the form blank?  Where does that get you?  I have had many messages asking me to look at their profile ~ which says they are male, in a height range, with all the rest - ask me!!!  Yep, we sure are made for each other! 


The photos I have show me, and there is no guessing about it - that is me.  Warts and all!!  Not all that difficult, line yourself up in your phone, and click!  Have confidence in yourself!  


I know there are catfish.  I have run up against two so far.  Once you tell them you haven't two pennies to rub together, they are gone.  So, that sorts that.  Catfish!  What is that all about?  Are these people hermits, with no social interaction.  That they groom a relationship, make things as real as cloud dating can be - BUT all they have done is fabricate a person they wish they were!!!  Come on, life is too short!


I have come to this with a thought, that - this is not real!  This is the internet, all fantasy.  That you know the old saying, a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush.  Until you can video chat, talk on the phone, eventually meet up - then it is all make-believe.


Until you meet up, then it is a ghost, unreal.  You can not miss something you did not have.  That if someone strings you along on any dating site - nothing to mourn as there was nothing there in the 1st place.


*Never put unrealistic expectations of what you want in a partner.  No one is perfect.  No one is a '10'!!  


Another old saying - don't put all your eggs in one basket.  means, in reference to online dating - keep an open mind, take things with a grain of salt - be hopeful, and skeptical at the same time. 


No one can break your heart in online dating, as they don't have your heart.  They may have you hopeful, BUT until you speak, see each other, and meet - they are like a whisp of smoke in the air.    Lecture over.



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On point!!!!