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Curiosity killed the cat...

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Curiosity killed the cat, persistence brought it back.  My curiosity is, how is it possible to have so many messages from people who are no longer members?  How does that work?


Were they members and they have morphed some where - magically transported to another plane of existence?  Are actually members - but have found a way to conceal themselves from those they message?


The real question here is - messages, look at my profile, I think we are made for each-other - and you look at their profiles.  Not a word then an incomplete form - stating pretty much, age, where they are from, and the shopping list of what they want.


The other half of that question is - look at my profile, see if we have anything in common!!!!  You look at it - again, age / where from / the shopping list!  / forever relationship.


I am not saying this is a trait of only the guys on here, as I am sure many women do this as well.  BUT, if you can't speak of yourself - dreams, aspirations, thoughts of the future - and things that are about you - your likes, dislikes - and fill in the form, with more then age / where from / shopping list / forever love - then how do you expect to discover if any one, actually is a good match for you??