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Broken Dreams

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Broken Dreams.  There are so many people, male and female - who want to share their life with that some one special.  They have hope, anticipation, and expectations.  They hope a dating site will work.  They look to the listed people with great anticipation.  Yes, though they have their expectations:  their shopping list of what they want in a partner - they either don't say what it is, or they want to wait til they develop  a relationship with some one first - and then try to mold that person, in to what they want, wish - hope for.  Broken dream!


Wouldn't it have been easier - to say I like this or that, BUT don't like this or that.  List your interests, how you think and feel - and if there is some one out there - they will find you.  They will see in you, what they themselves are looking for.


Dare to dream.  To envision what you want in life, who you would like to share life with.  We are not teenagers(sadly) - we can't sit back and idly wait for Mr or Mrs right to find us.  Be brave - if you find some one of interest - then wink at some one, or favorite some one, or even message someone.  It isn't a commitment - it is a way of breaking the ice.  If you don't interact - you will never know.  Perhaps that person, is not a match for you, BUT they could become a friend - and we can never have too many friends.


I wish you well in search of that person to compliment you on life's road.