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Back again, sort off

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I met this handsome sweet guy on here, he played the game well - then he asked for money!  That took two months of gameplay.  So, if it talks like a duck, walks like a is!


How can you tell the real deal from the fabrications?  That is a good question.  They probably do not have their photos verified.  


The only way to tell is to play the game.  Hoping it is legit, but knowing it may not be.  Read or listen well, ask questions.  Ask many questions.  Whether you have two pennies to rub together or not - tell them you don't have any!  They will vanish quickly if they are after your money.


My scammer, actually asked me to go to my bank and get a loan.  Yep, a loan!


Caution and gut instincts are a must!


Happy hunting!

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February 22

Don't let yourself get messed up from those lying cheating morons who try to scam people's money.

There are real honest, single and lonely people here so don't get fooled again!