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Another Day In Paradise

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Nearly a month, since I moved to Arizona from the UK. Never ever visited, just up and moved there.
The first 2 1/2 weeks, I was suffering from time zone difference. I have nearly mastered being on 'Mountain Time'. In the UK, a hot day is in the 70's! I always laughed, when they were swooning, and whining it was too hot! People, I am now in the Phoenix area, and since I have been here - the temps are always no less then 105F!! It is a dry air, humidity under 20% - my system is in shock.
Last week, I fried my nose, you could have called me 'RUDOLPH@. Then just for fun, my nose cracked and peeled - really attractive sight! Take my word for it.
I have seen the destruction and devastation of the wildfires. My heart cried for the displaced and killed birds and animals - there was so much lost!
I am a long distance walker / hiker - BUT damn, it is just so bloody hot! The shock of it all was my first day here - the heat coming up from the ground through your shoes, is really intense. I never expected to burn my feet with shoes on.
In the UK, I pretty much wore fleeces and sweaters of one thickness or another all year round. I have not worn trousers / jeans / sweats since the day after I got here. Shorts and tops and summer dresses. Amazing! Still roasting my feet from the ground, BUT will eventually find the perfect footwear to keep my feet from the fires of hell.
I have seen my first crested saguaro, and then I learned what was known about them - look forward to charting them. I saw my first dust devils - really neat.
Sunshine from time I get up til into the night - blue skys - warms the soul and your bones.
Have decided though, come the end of my lease, I shall move to a more northern area, as it will be 20 - 30 degrees cooler. Cooler,not cold!
I can't wait to explore and learn about Arizona.