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A month of sunshine and blue skies!!!

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All this sunshine, and I can't stop smiling. Cheerful, happy - no stress, no anxiety! Just amazing! Just about synched with the time zone difference. BUT, still working on such HOT dry air. Wow! I was here a month on the 15th. In that time, I have got my AZ ID, my health insurance, a bank account - and even applied for a job. Have started to look for my forever love. Daunting! I am sure 'he' is there, waiting... then life will be all it should be. I don't need to have a man in my life. I chose to share my life with one. Not to complete, but to compliment each other. Can't rush love! In the meantime, time to get my learners permit, and my drivers license. Then there will be no stopping me! The stars, moon, sun are mine!