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Posted on Dec 13, 2010 at 05:36 PM

Evening everyone, It's been a busy day, doing a bit of cleaning, crocheting, had a guy up on the roof looking at the battered old thing... need a new roof, but first gotta get the shingles replaced south side about 50 gone he said! Actually today is the calm before the next storm coming in, gray but only a little drizzle, got out a bit with my friend Carol, we went to PO and I mailed my Christmas cards, not too bad there, only 3rd in line; Was up late last night, watching a movie and then reading my book, The Lost Symbol, really getting good now, but I was up early and still up, no napping for me; The day went by so fast, having dinner over at Carol's tonight, her daughter is making salmon and etc; My favorite fish,getting hungry actually after I am done here, going over, am hungry today ;-) Talk to everyone tomorrow. Let me know how your days are going during this Holiday Season. LouElle

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