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UK Lincslad1944 Recommended 39 06/21
What Women Say They Want Changes; Dooms LT ... removed_J_Guy4Fun 140 05/04
RISK LIVING & Fondling in Bed speedkinger 221 03/09
Special member category suggestion Coastal2000 64 03/02
Rodney Dangerfield's Best speedkinger 74 02/26
Charles the Lion-Hearted speedkinger 55 02/19
That's No Way To Say Good-Bye speedkinger 116 02/14
Two Happy Lovers speedkinger 77 02/12
Shadowboxer - Fiona Apple speedkinger 35 02/10
A Thousand Kisses Deep speedkinger 73 02/07
Practical Arrangement by Sting speedkinger 34 02/06
"Single" or "Widowed"? Wendy152000 206 02/05
Brand New Day - Sting speedkinger 41 01/31
Loss by Wendy Cope- Always have two ! speedkinger 48 01/29
Can you love me TOO?! Wendy152000 107 01/29
Billing Q&A Webmaster Recommended 46 01/26
What do YOU want? Wendy152000 99 01/25
Wait one minute! Think!!! Wendy152000 65 01/24
Dear John Letter speedkinger 82 01/21
The Biker Creed speedkinger 49 01/19
On-line Dating Wendy152000 88 01/19
I love older women, becouse of how the y make ... chance45 178 01/18
Such Luck - pure luck ! speedkinger 42 01/16
Every Woman Should speedkinger 103 01/16
Love After Love speedkinger 88 01/15
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 Two Happy Lovers
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