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Posted on Feb 27, 2012 at 06:45 PM

Are you thinking about entering the senior dating scene?  Wondering if you should use dating services for seniors?  You might be wondering how online dating for seniors works. You probably have lots of questions, and with the world being so different now, we wanted to provide you with the information you need about senior dating services.


You will find it much easier dating as a senior than it was dating in your 20’s.  You have so many more experiences to fall back on now, and should be able to read people much better than you could the first time around.  You will find that a lot of the games that were played when you dated the first time, are not going to be part of the older dating scene, because most seniors have grown out of all that drama.


You know what you want out of life, and as a dating divorced senior or widow, it is not typically the same thing it was when you were looking for companionship in your 20’s.  Statistics from AARP, show that 49% of dating seniors over 55 said, "Having someone to talk to or do things with is the most important reason for dating.”  You are probably looking for someone to just keep you company, and have someone to share things with.  When we reach this stage in our life, we realize using our time wisely is important, so this will help you set goals for a new relationship.


When you were younger, you also had a lot less people to choose from to date.  You only had the people you knew that you could date, or that your friends knew.  You may have gone to bars to find people to date, which probably did not end up in the best relationships.  This type of dating typically ended up with people in relationships they never really belonged in.


The Internet has made the whole world accessible, and now with dating websites, especially dating services for seniors you can cast a much wider net.  You will literally be able to choose from thousands of people to date, instead of just a few like when you were dating the first time around.  The wonderful thing about most dating sites, is the fact that you can match your interests with perspective dates, so you will know if you are compatible and have the same interests before you even meet.


You will have to be careful though, because when people are involved there can always be some deceit involved.  You will find that people may falsify information in their profile, so it is always a good idea to spend some time chatting online before you meet in person.  You can also check them out online, and see if anything comes up about them.  Typically if the person you are chatting with is not genuine you will find out soon, because they will not want to spend time chatting online if they are not really looking for a lasting relationship.  You will be able to build a friendship before you meet them in person, to see if it is worth your time.

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Posted on Aug 01, 2013 at 04:26 PM

so for no games and find true love from a special lady who is not afraid of getting her feet wet,what do you recomend ?

need christian partner for bible class weekly
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Posted on Feb 27, 2012 at 06:45 PM

If you really feel you are ready to date as a senior, and you want to try an online dating service for seniors, then there are some things you will need to know to choose which site is best for you.  Choosing the right online senior dating site will depend upon what you are looking for in a relationship.  Do you just want to hookup with someone, are you looking for a friendship, or maybe to find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with.  Knowing what you want is key in choosing the best Internet senior dating site.  Each online site draws a different type of demographic, which is why it is key to know what you are looking for, or you could just be wasting your time by being on the wrong senior dating website.


Some of the dating websites for the elderly are free, and some of the online older dating sites you will have to pay for by the month, so this will probably be the first thing you have to consider.  Some of the websites allow you to use them for free until you are ready to interact with other seniors that want to date, then you will have to upgrade into a paid account.


The next thing you will want to consider, is the fact that there are numerous 55 and over dating websites which target different audiences.  There are general sites, sites that are geared towards religious preference, some that are targeted towards a specific race, and there are even dating websites geared toward a particular location, so you will need to know what your looking for before you choose a particular site.  Some of the larger sites offer a variety of different types of people to choose from, you have probably seen some of the more reputable ones on TV.


You will definitely want to choose a dating site for people over 55 that have a chat room or instant messaging capabilities.  This will make it so much easier to get to know people, and find out if they are worth spending time with.  Most seniors don’t want to waste their time, and they know exactly what type of people they are looking for to connect with.


Another thing you will need is to find a dating site for seniors that offer a user friendly interface, because most seniors are not as computer literate as younger people.  Most of the larger sites understand this, and offer simple navigation along with senior resources to help you re-enter the dating world.


Profiles are very important on a dating site, especially for seniors re-entering the dating world, because seniors usually know what they are looking for and can convey this in their profile.  You will want to explain what your looking for in a relationship, along with your interests, so you can find someone that share the same interests.  Do not add your whole life story though, because at this point people don’t care. Your main goal here is to make friends, and then see where those friendships lead to.  Make sure you add a picture, because it will increase the amount of responses that you get. 


Privacy is important in the online world today, because you can become very vulnerable if you provide personal information, like your address, home phone number, information and pictures about your children and grandchildren.  Safety needs to be the most important thing on your mind when dating online.  You do not need to be afraid, you just need to be careful, and remember the world has changed since your first time around in the dating world.


Using a dating site for seniors can offer you a great way to connect and date, while protecting your privacy until you are comfortable with meeting in person.  Senior websites for dating are typically more modest than dating sites for the younger crowd.  Remember, getting to know these different sites are important, so you will know which one of these dating services for seniors is best for you.

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