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Posted on Feb 27, 2012 at 06:40 PM

You may be considering using dating senior services, but are not really sure if you should.  With the amount of seniors that are either divorced or widowed today, it is not unusual to be thinking about starting a relationship.  Baby boomers are one of the biggest groups of people that are searching for new relationships, and want to find someone to share their life with.


People over 50 that want to date should not use a regular dating site, because most of them are geared more towards one time hookups, and less towards finding a lasting relationship.  Dating seniors should look for a dating senior website, because they are geared more towards the needs of someone that is older and wanting to date again.


You will see websites that advertise adult relationships, they are probably not what you are looking for, because they are typically filled with people that are looking for casual sex.  Senior dating websites target people that are looking more for friendship and lasting relationships.  This doesn’t mean you can’t find a lover on a dating website for seniors, it just means that you will typically find mature people that are looking for more than a one night stand.


There are pros and cons to everything, so we wanted to list a few of them here to provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision on the best older dating website for your needs. 


The number of people you will have to choose from is much larger when using an online dating website for seniors, than if you are trying to find people the old fashioned way.


The pros associated with this fact, of more people to choose from when using Internet dating for over 50, is you can cast a much wider net.  You can literally choose from thousands of people, with a variety of interests, making it easier to find someone that has the qualities and interests you are looking for.  There are also 55+ dating sites that target particular types of people, like religious preferences, a certain race, and there are even some that are set up for certain geographical locations.


The cons with having access to the whole world for mature dating, is just that, you could possibly be connecting with people that are not in a geographic location near you.  This may mean you will be starting a long distance relationship with someone.


This brings us to the next thing to consider when choosing an over 50 dating website, which is cost.


The pros of a free dating website for people over 50, is they are affordable. There are free websites to use for mature dating, but typically these are people that want to hook up, and are not looking for long term relationships.  You can use these free sites, but be very careful, especially with your personal information.  The old adage, you get what you pay for, can be very true in this case.  Many of these sites allow you to browse for free, but you can’t interact or contact anyone until you upgrade your membership to a paid status.  Even paid dating sites for seniors can still be cheaper than taking a senior cruise though, and will allow you to meet more people with the same interests.


The cons for the cost of senior Internet dating, is they can become expensive. Always read the terms and conditions on the website, so you know what to expect, especially if they ask for your credit card number.  Charges can add up very fast, so investigate thoroughly. 


It is much easier to start dating online than it does trying to meet people in person.


The pros of online dating for seniors, is the fact that it is so much easier.  You do not have to leave your house, all you have to do is turn on your computer.  You can browse through profiles 24/7, which is much more convenient than trying to meet people the old fashioned way.  You also do not need to have the amount of courage it takes to approach someone you don’t know, when you are dating online.  You will be able to chat online, and find out about people before you meet them in person.  You can wait and schedule a meeting when you feel comfortable that they are the kind of person you are looking for.  Meeting and making friends becomes much simpler than trying to meet in person before you know anything about them.


The cons are the fact that people can lie easier online, because you are not able to see their body language to judge if they are being honest or not.  You can Google the person, and do a background check on them before you meet with them.  Sometimes there are scam artists, and frauds that prey on people they meet online who seem vulnerable.  This is a good reason to stay with the more reputable senior dating sites, not to say they screen everyone, but typically they have a better reputation.


The ability to create a profile, and list your interests to attract people with similar interests and goals, is another good reason to use a dating site for the elderly.


There are pros to creating an online profile, because people can get to know you before you have to meet them in person.  When you meet someone in person, you don’t typically find out all their likes and dislikes right away, however, with an online profile your interests are seen by people before you actually meet them. You will also be able to provide a picture, and see pictures of people you may be interested in.  The information you provide in your profile, will be your introduction to the other members, your first impression.  The main thing is to be yourself, so take some time on your profile to make sure it really reflects who you are.


There are some cons that have to do with profiles.  The main one is the fact that people can be less than honest online.  There are people out there looking to con people out of money and worse, so keep that in mind.  Take time getting to know people before you meet them in person, and safeguard all your personal information carefully.  People may be less than honest with their profile, just because they think they will get more of a response though, so it is important to take time to get to know people through the live chat and email.  Sometimes people do the same with their picture and post one from when they were younger.


There are many benefits that come with using a dating senior service.  Now that you know some of the pros and cons to keep in mind, using an Internet dating service for seniors can help you find someone to share your experiences with.  Take a little time, and write down all your goals and interests, for a profile that really reflects who you are.  Then spend some time browsing through all the perspective matches, you just might meet the right person to spend the rest of your life with.

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